Acceptance of Quotation | On acceptance of the quotation issued by The Blind Lady Company, the Customer(s) and The Blind Lady Company enters into a joint agreement or contract. The Blind Lady Company would be obligated to execute and complete the work defined and the customer is in agreement and accepts the Terms and Conditions (T’s & C’s) as stipulated below.

The quotation issued by The Blind Lady Company will provide details of the product area, type of blind, fitting etc. for the customer’s acceptance.  Blinds carry a three year product guarantee on all blinds from the date of dispatch. Some fading/warping may occur over time with Basswood/Plaswood blinds. This is not considered a defect by the manufacturer. The manufacturer will repair/replace defective blinds at its discretion. The guarantee does not cover misuse, tampering & normal wear and tear or due to incorrect installation.  Blinds made out of specification does not carry the manufacturer guarantee. The sizes may cause the fabric to not hang straight and can be manufactured at the customers own risk. All blinds have a guarantee if not tampered with. Patio blinds & automation carry a 3 year guarantee on motors. Non security shutters carry a two year guarantee and security shutters can be 5, 7 or 10 years depending on the choice of product.

Special notes | As wood is a natural product variations in shade, tone and grain will occur, especially bamboo. Some warping of the timber, and surface imperfections will also occur. These traits are not considered to be flaws, but rather part of the, natural character of the product. Full details available on request. Due to the nature of wood supply, the type of timber used may vary from time to time. Colours will be matched as closely to the natural products but exact matches cannot be guaranteed. The manufacturer nor The Blind Lady Co. will be held responsible for mildew or fungus on natural products. Natural products are not suited to areas that are damp or coastal. Same applies to Bamboo blinds. For areas with direct sunlight it is highly recommended to use the High Heat Plaswood range. Head/bottom rails made from aluminium may oxidise if located near the coast. Roller blinds which are recessed fitted, will have a gap on either side of the blind to cater for the controls. Light may filter through the sides. Fraying of rollers due to incorrect usage is not covered by the guarantee. Recess fittings may not be straight if the walls are angled. Quotation are valid for 21 days from the date of offer. Prices are subject to change upon final measurements and textures and colours chosen. The client is responsible for all dimensions if the client does not wish for The Blind Lady Co to take final measurements. There are standard deductions which are made from the dimensions provided unless stipulated otherwise (on width x on drop) by the manufacturer.

Orders | When placing an order, always specify the width first, then the drop. All measurements are to be given in millimeters. Please state design, colour, type of blind, colour code, face fix, recess, controls etc. All urgent orders have a 35% surcharge within a 72hour period for delivery. This is for Venetian & Roller blinds only. Such orders must be placed by 12h00 Monday to Thursday only. 

Non-Refundable deposit | The deposit is non-refundable once your order has been placed with the manufacturer & if the manufacturer cannot cancel the request.  The customer is liable for call out fees. Final payment is due by the customer within 24 hours of installation. 

Ownership | Ownership of the goods shall remain vested by The Blind Lady Company until such time full and final payment has been made. 

Delivery | The order is placed once the required deposit is made. Approximate delivery is two weeks from the date of the order being placed. These are mere estimated timelines. The Blind Lady Co will contact you to schedule an appointment once your blinds are ready to be installed.

General | Colour dye batches differ. Please place your order for windows/doors in the same room/area, at the same time. All transport/logistics/courier costs are for the customer’s account unless quoted otherwise. The Blind Lady Co will not be responsible for goods damaged in transit by customer/courier company. Wooden blinds – it is not recommended to hang these blinds in damp areas like bathrooms, kitchen, etc. Venetian blinds, there is a possibility to see through the blinds which are hanging higher than eye level. This is caused by the angle at which you look at the blind. Wooden blinds do not close 100%. Their main purpose is to control the sun and not for 100% block out.  Prints with larger patterns will be subject to pattern match on the drop & sometimes on the width. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for dye and pattern match problems if orders are made at separate times. Honeycomb blinds is made from spun-bonded polyester. Duo tone fabric is washable. Block out fabric can be surface cleaned with a sponge and should not be submerged in water. Roller blinds fabric width will be 35mm less than the actual size ordered in order to allow controls. Bottom rails are standard white and the end caps can be black or white. Roller blinds in a cassette (next to each other) will have a 80mm gap between the blinds if installed at angels. This can be minimised by one front roller and one back roller. Double rollers are a dual fabric system to multiple light control options. Long narrow blinds will need to be guided up if longer than 2.2m long. Due to the composition of the fabric, it may not be possible to have the horizontal fabric bands perfectly aligned when blinds are installed next to each other. Double roller blinds can be susceptible to fraying if they roll skew.  To ensure longevity of the blinds, we recommend that it is installed in a domestic environment where it will not be lifted on a regular basis. The primary function of a double roller is to filter light through the blinds layered fabric.

Cleaning | Vertical blinds are not to be washed too often. Blinds should be kept clean with a vacuum cleaner to keep the dust off. If blinds need to be washed, use a mild detergent with luke warm water. Never scrub any blinds. It is recommended to clean blinds by an ultrasonic cleaning method. If you hang the blinds after washing, never let it hang to dry in direct sunlight.

Payment | Acceptance of the quotation requires a deposit and the remaining balance is required to be paid within 24 hours after goods are received and/or installed. Payments can be made in cash or electronic transfer. Debit and credit cards are not available.  All payments are to be made to The Blind Lady bank account.


Additional Work | Should there be any extra labour required due to unforeseen circumstances not quoted for, this will be discussed with the client and added onto the total invoice should the client agree to proceed with the additional work.

Valuable Goods | Prior to work being undertaken the customer shall be required to remove from any work areas all/any items for the household and personal items. The Blind Lady Company will not accept any responsibility for damage or theft of any items left unattended or under force majeure.

Email Disclaimer | The information in this message is intended for the addressee(s) only. The information is confidential and if you are not the intended recipient or have received this message in error, please notify the sender by a return email and delete this email. Please do not use, disseminate, distribute or copy this message or any file attachments to this message. We do not make any representation or warrant that files attached to this e-mail are free from computer viruses or other defects. We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of any nature directly or indirectly by the user or any other person which relates to the information contained in this message.

Privacy Policy | We thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Please read this policy before submitting personal information. By using our site, you are accepting our practices which is subject to change. Your information is submitted voluntarily and this information will only be used for the purposes of which it was intended. We may share information with Governmental agencies or other companies that assist us in fraud prevention and investigation. We may do so when required by law, trying to protect against/prevent actual/potential fraud or any unauthorised transactions or investigate any fraud which has already taken place. We respect your privacy and therefore your data will not be used for any marketing. We will do our best to ensure your data is secure and confidential. Only authorised employees, agents and contractors (who have agreed to keep your information confidential) may have access to your information in accordance to POPIA to complete our contractual obligations.

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